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Photos of how HCG works

The hCG hormone has revolutionized and outperformed all methods of dieting for weight loss and accumulated fat.

The active ingredient is chorionic gonadotropin hormone or choriogonadotropin alfa. This drug is prescribed to women to stimulate ovulation in a cycle of artificial insemination, conventional in vitro fertilization or ICSI.

In addition, women have not been left behind. Modern women evaluate their body mass index and depending on the result they use the hormone chorionic gonadotropin as a diet for overweight.

Although most use it for purposes of increasing ovulation in difficult cases of consumed pregnancy, the use of the hormone chorionic gonadotropin has been extended to decrease body weight and burn accumulated fat.

And is that almost all women after childbirth or when they reach the age of majority, begin their tremendous fight against fat looking for thinning.

The thin figure of the woman and maintaining the ideal body when she grows old is complicated. Although the solution is to maintain a balanced diet, this is very difficult for the woman who works.

Little is known about the effects of the sublingual oral hCG hormone as a drug for obesity in Hispanic women.

Let’s read this testimonial hCG uses from a Hispanic woman and the photographs that testify how the hCG hormone works on body thinning.

Success Testimony

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Hormone hcgHormone chorionic gonadotropin

Testimony of hCG Hormone Usage to Lose Weight

I am a woman who has always been thin since childhood. Over the years I began to gain weight. Especially after 50 years of age.

From there, I increased 15 pounds over my normal body weight, my current weight being 145 pounds.

That is, after weighing 120 pounds, my weight increased to 145 pounds. This means, 25 pounds more than excess body weight.

I have tried to lose weight with diets such as cabbage, eating less and the maximum that I have been able to lower are 5 pounds. But after some time I raise them again. This has frustrated me.

Most of the fat I have accumulated in the legs, the stomach and the back.

But another situation that has motivated me to make diets with the hormone hCG or chorionic gonadotropin called sublingual oral hCG is also to show my daughters “that if you propose it, if you can lose weight .

I have a daughter who has increased by 60% since she was married. My goal is that my example can serve you.


Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone in Women

I started my sublingual hCG diet on Thursday, June 4, 2009. As a job, I had the first two days to attach my body to the diet with the hCG sublingual chorionic gonadotropin hormone and so, being home on Saturday and Sunday was going to be Easier to handle.

Day 3 – June 6, 2009

Today is Saturday and I already lowered 1 pound of body weight with the hCG hormone .

The sublingual hCG diet is simple, but it is necessary to have the willpower to wipe out the need for breakfast and concentrate on pure liquids like tea, coffee and water.

This I already controlled in these first three days. What I intend to do is to have lunch earlier, around 12 o’clock for later in the afternoon, eat a fruit and then dinner.

I have also put in my mind that the belly or belly that I have can never undo it with just exercises.

Therefore, in order to achieve this, I have considered it necessary to try the sublingual oral hCG chorionic hormone diet.

Today Saturday, day 3 my lunch was shrimp and cucumber salad. Half a cup of apple fruit in the afternoon.

I will continue to periodically describe the effects of the hormone chorionic gonadotropin in Hispanic women on weight loss, decrease belly and burn accumulated fat.

Day 5 – June 8, 2009

I am very happy to be in this weight reduction treatment because it is simple enough to only apply 0.22 in the morning and at night, not to drink water for half an hour and then to continue with the alimentary direction.

Today is my fifth day and I feel very strong to continue with the diet. I took my lunch with fish and vegetables 12:00 PM at 3:00 PM fruit – apple and then dinner at 7:00 PM, meat with vegetables.

Today is my 5 day and I lost 3 pounds , which makes me feel very happy.

My recommendation is that if you want to lose weight … Why not do it in these 21 days? Of course it can! The most important thing is to set goals and you will achieve them.

Day 6

Today I lost 1 pound more . I feel very proud to continue therapy and make the effort to continue even though it is not easy.

When I am hungry, I think of the millions of people who do not have to eat in the world and we for a simple breakfast suffer so much.

This motivates me to “yes I can” . Also we can not complain so much because we have water and tea. Both are very healthy and clean our body.

Day 7

Today I lost 0.4 pounds … Hmm!

Today I felt exhausted even when I returned home I had my tea and I dined. This probably happened because I had lunch late.

Day 8

I did not lose weight today

However, today I felt very good, very encouraged to continue my therapy, even when I did not lose weight, but I feel very happy that until today I lost 5.8 pounds .

But what I like most about the sublingual oral hCG diet is that “my body is taking shape” , which I had never seen with other diets, “my body is adjusting and decreasing in measures .

  • Starting weight – 140.0 lbs.
  • June 5 – 139.0 lb
  • June 6 – 138.4 pounds
  • June 7 – 137.4 pounds
  • June 8 – 136.6 pounds
  • June 9 – 135.6 pounds
  • June 10 – 134.6 lbs
  • June 11 – 134.2 pounds
  • June 12 – 134.2 pounds

Something that is very important is to follow the recommendations. For example, cookies can be eaten up to 2 a day. 1 between lunch and dinner, and the other after dinner.

The fruit between lunch and dinner.

  • I go to work – 9 AM
  • Lunch – 12:00 M.
  • Fruit – 3:00 PM.
  • Cookie – 6:00 PM.
  • Dinner – 7:00 PM.
  • Melba Cookie – 9:00 PM.


Results Hormone hCG – 2 Weeks

To date, two weeks after using the hormone hCG oral sublingual phase 1 of hCG I have found that its effects are positive.

I lost 10 pounds (5 Kilos) already. It would never have happened to other diets that I have tried before.

Very happy to use this hormone hCG diet for women. I feel super good with the preliminary results of these 2 weeks.


The results of using the hCG hormone to lose weight, continue until day 21 …


Hormone hCG – Chorionic
Hormone Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone

The use of the hCG hormone to lose weight and burn accumulated fat is presented as a wonderful opportunity for Hispanic women.

Many negative comments about chorionic hormone sometimes make you lose the stimulus and interest in using it to lose your belly.

For now, I can not do anything but recommend it. For me, when it comes to weight loss quickly, the hormone chorionic gonadotropin has given me very good results.