Do you know how many parts have a watch, a cell or a bicycle?

Well, the Canadian photographer Todd McLellan was dedicated to visually answer this question by performing autopsies on various elements that we use every day .

Curiosity led him to disarm others even more ancient or several know, but did not use it as a chainsaw or a fire extinguisher.

Each of these procedures was photographed to create the book “Things come apart” ( “Things are separated”)

McLellan high precision needed to disarm part by each object and then move to the artistic part, which was to order each of those pieces to give almost its original form and capture them with your camera.

Photographer ago “autopsies” to everyday items
Antique phone


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  “There are beautiful things out, but after starting this work are also checked beautiful inside , “ said the photographer in the book published by Thames & Hudson.

In the presentation of the work also it indicates that these images allow each person to connect with your inner child and joy that causes an appliance and find out how itworks, as noted .