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Gerard Estalleda, photographer and dj of the most exclusive parties of the world

Gerard Estalleda, yesterday at the St. Regis hotel. Moussaoui

Soraya Moussaoui. Palm the most exclusive parties in the world, ten editions by soundtrack to the Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week, old pasarela Cibeles fashion shows; or in 080 Barcelona, are some of the places in which Gerard Estalleda leaves its mark. Last night it was put an end to the Village with Designer David Delfin. “In her fashion shows is to give the play and that’s it.” It is that comes with ready-made music as wedding dj melbourne. I appreciate it because so I can escape and take pictures in the backstage”, joked. 

The fashion world has the reputation of frivolous, but intimidates it most Estalleda face to the public in general as he faced last night. “The Village gives respect. You have a public of all ages and should be content to all. People is not stupid and knows what he wants, not is can get you music with a shoehorn”, he said. “Parades parties – New York, Paris or London are a few of their destinations – you already you have caught the style of the guests. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve been seven years forming part of them”, he added.
Gerard Estalleda is defined as a “photographer-social-documentary”. Imported fashion New Yorker of photos at parties capturing “the ´canallismo´ of the moment” in Barcelona a few years ago and since then “everything has been taking shape. Having created a more or less unique style is what me apart from the rest”.
The next edition of the Madrid fashion show kicks off on September 13. Estalleda is already at work.“The coming week I have meetings with Custo for her fashion show in New York. For Cibeles already I have started, although many do not have the designs,”said the photographer.

10 channels of Youtube to learn photography

Youtube advantage to enhance your shooting skills.
Youtube advantage to enhance your shooting skills. | Source: Shutterstock

Photography is a great hobby but it is also a great career. If you are a fan of this art and want to hone your skills for fun or work and purchase free youtube views for your channel , you approach 10 large photographic YouTube channels where do without leaving your home:

  • Mike Browne

One of the favorites among the English channels is Mike Browne, that although can not count on the production of better quality, is a great photographer and offers unrivaled content. It has a very attractive method of teaching as learn watching him work. He shows with your camera and take all the steps you must follow. It is highly instructive and easy to follow, though of course you need to understand photographic terminology in English.


  • B & H Photo

One of the most important and renowned in the photography industry in terms of resource names.In addition to its Youtube channel, have a website where you can buy almost everything related to photography and video lighting equipment and audio accessories for cameras, presentation tools … Your channel is also very useful as it features videos of Event Space , a series of lectures and workshops to teach photography. You can see more than 250 videos for free.


  • The Art of Photography

As the name suggests, the channel The Art of Photography (The art of photography) has a double mission: to teach beginners the technical aspects of photography and at the same time integrating the history and artistic nature of this skill. It is a great resource to grow at a technical level , with really interesting about the life and work of great photographers like Ansel Adams or Harold Feinstein videos.


  • Kelby One

Scott Kelby, founder of Kelby Media Group, an organization that provides creative education for professionals, offers this channel focused mainly on photography and Adobe Photoshop tutorials.Out knowledge, secrets and shortcuts to take pictures that you achieve quality and professionalism. The first episodes cover the basics as exposure techniques or selection of lenses, but as you progress the lessons become more complex.


  • Good Light

This channel offers many ideas to take pictures. It has educational videos and share many interesting facts and tips for studio photography, boudoir photography and lingerie.


  • photo Escalera

This channel is carried by Julian Marinov, and certainly one of the most comprehensive Spanish-language channels, where not only find tutorials photography and Photoshop, but also comments and reviews about the accessories available for photographers, something really necessary to buy so smart. It has a list called “60 tips for photographers” where offers tips 1 minute sometimes beyond the technical and focus on attitudes photographer and his professionalism.


  • Juan Pedro Tv

With more than 145,000 subscribers and more than 5 million views, the channel Juan Pedro TV shares knowledge and interests in relation to trends in technology and communication, learn how to create and operate photographic equipment, very cheap in relation to those sold in shops and offers some interesting and fun surprises. Launches new videos every Monday.


  •  Toni Ros

One of the best known in photography youtubers, here are the basics of photography very clearly explained, with a review of concepts and different themes in each video.


  • Digitalrev4U

Digitalrev4U is a website dedicated to the world of photography, with news about the cameras and accessories, and photography tips. Created by David Lopez and more than 3 million views, the channel Digitalrev4U offers practical advice, photography courses, reviews about digital cameras

What happens in your brain when you take pictures?

Very few people know exactly what happens in our brains when we do something: reactions to sexual stimuli, areas that are triggered by memories or the process that is generated to tell a lie, among many other things. Way back in, while you do all those things naturally, they move the cables that determine everything.

As I like photography, above all other things I do, I wanted to close options and find out what happens in my brain since I start looking for a beautiful landscape or a portrait possible. How much have to see the photos I took with my memory?How much is edited my mind when I edit a picture? How important is photography for human relationships? Joshua Sarinana is a neuroscientist, amateur photographer and researcher at Harvard University with a very serious focus on memory and learning and brain supplement genius x. I talked to him to tell me what the brain process a photographer (the before, during and after).

Photo via Flickr.

VICE: How did you start to study the brain in relation to photography?
Joshua Sarinana: My interest in neuroscience has always been focused on memory, and that was born from my inclination towards philosophy. The camera is a very good metaphor for memory, because that’s what you’re doing: capturing an image forever. The more I became interested in neuroscience, I learned more about how memory works. My pictures began to focus increasingly on how memory changes and how it is updated. When I look at old photographs remind me of the time I spent in Paris, for example, and I remember the events that took place as he took that picture. Now, 14 years into the future, that information is simply updated because that is the way the brain works: Every time you remember a moment, that memory can be changed, because when the reactive brain causes it to become malleable. Many times new information can be inserted into this memory: I think that’s how a picture serves to remember something that happened, funneling the ability to update your past with your present.

Do you think a person taking photos during a trip or a party has a better memory of events that a person who has been there but did not take pictures?
I think so. There is evidence to prove this. Microsoft did a study with people who have some damage to the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is responsible for keeping autobiographical memories. The hippocampus does not have the data that you learned in school or things you know about your loved ones, but the information that is part of your personality. Patients in the experiment did not have the ability to generate these reports. The experiment was to hang a camera around his neck to the people with this deficiency in the hippocampus and asked them to look photos at night. The memories are not faded, as if would in any other way: can withhold information about what happened during the day much longer.

Phillip Toledano’s father. Every time she looked in the mirror, it was not recognized because in his mind was still 20 years. Toledano says that although distressed whenever I saw her reflection, a few minutes he forgot and soothed. Photo by Philip Toledano.

When you look at a picture, the image is saved in place other than the hippocampus?
Yes, that’s the original idea. It is not yet known, it is completely unknown. It may be a little more sensory memory. Then, if it is more sensory, emotions are not so connected to the moment. I think there is much potential for this type of research. It is important to understand how we remember events of our lives.

Photo via Wikipedia

Let ‘s talk about photo editing. In an experiment you did, you edit a photograph of a boy and his father in the garden and put mounted in an air balloon. You asked the son, who was already an adult, if you remember this picture. What happened there?
It works like this : the person at first will not remember the moment when you ask to look at the fake photograph. But the hippocampus, which is a part of very important also for imagination brain is activated, and can create a memory from imagination. You will not believe it’s real. It happens subtly and unconsciously.

The original photograph of a father and son (left) and the photo showed the child as part of the experiment (right). Photo via .

And he invented a memory with this new picture?
A few weeks after I said that he remembered nothing, the son began to tell methings out of context. He said it must have been about six years that her sister probably had ten. He recalled that near his school offered air balloon trips, then told me the place where the event occurred. He also told me it was her mother that was on the floor taking the picture. The act of imagination caused the memory was formed. There was no question of imagining intentionally, but from the moment he saw the photo and felt an empty memory, imagination was activated in the hippocampus and created a memory.

How much do I have to edit a photo to change my mind? If I correct the colors of a photograph, my memories of that time are also going to be more vivid?
It’s hard to say. When I go back to my photographs, or take a photo and edit and then I look back after a year, I remember the original photo, but the edited photo.I always remember me photography post production and sometimes I look at the original photo and reached a surprise because I do not remember it that way, but it more closely resembles what it looked like in reality.

Can it happen that a person cuts a photo and then not remember that person was originally yes there?
Yes, exactly.

Or if you edit a photo and puts it in black and white, then when he recalls the moment he remembers the image in black and white and does not remember the color scheme that was the actual scene.
Yes, it’s a good point.

Photo via Flickr.

Is that knowledge of the brain has helped you in your work as aphotographer?
Interact. I have some images that are more personal, dealing with issues from my past, and those pictures can reflect on my past and understand it more. Then I know that whenever I think about my past, I am constantly changing it and also the way I remember. Every time I take a picture, I always think how I will remember in the future. What part I will agree when you see this picture in the future? Am I going to remember the positive things or negative things? I always wonder how I will generate a story from my photos in the future. That is one aspect. The other is attention. When I take a picture I immediately think how I’ll edit, how can I change or alter the colors or within what series I’m going to get.Understanding the brain mechanisms behind this, I think not necessarily impact my picture directly, but help me understand how my photography, in order to organize my images in a story.

I read it was the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for predicting future events according to information you already know. So if I’m going to take a picture, and say that I’m looking at a subject that is moving, try to predict how that subject is going to move and try to calculate what is the best time to take the picture. How important is this process for a photographer?
Pay attention always going to be super important for a photographer. In direct picture you have to very quickly anticipate the movement of someone. We must be very attentive to human behavior. But that mindfulness, after you’re taking pictures a long time, it becomes intuition, which is unconscious. The prefrontal cortex is important for learning and anticipating what is street photography.When intuition becomes, however, the prefrontal cortex still important.

Photo via Flickr.

Let’s talk about selfies. Some psychologists say that the more selfies a person is narcissistic is taken. What do you think from the point of view of neuroscience?
I think taking selfies is something natural. I do not think it’s as bad as people say it is. Obviously there are extreme cases. There was a guy who tried to kill himself because he failed to see his selfie is perfect. But this happens in people who are compulsive: if they have the technology, they would choose another activity.

You write about anxiety disorder and equipment purchases at photographers. Is that feeling is increased by the amount of photos we see and competition we have?
I think people are afraid to be creative. Me too I’m afraid to take unoriginal photos, or continue taking similar photos. People feel very anxious to be creative, because being creative means to get out of what you have already done. You have to do something completely new, and that is very scary. One way in which we deal with this anxiety, or the fear of potential failure is to try to feel good.Then we do something like buying a new camera. I feel good after buying a camera. It is the same feeling of having a glass of wine after a stressful day at work, but buying is more expensive photographic equipment. But that’s just a crutch. It is a way to avoid doing something that causes us anxiety.

You tell me about mirror neurons.
This is a cognitive area we are trying to understand and that takes place in the temporoparietal junction. There is a parallel phenomenon of cognitive, called “mirror neurons.” These neurons are activated when someone is imitating someone else, or even looking at another person and are in the parietal posterior cortex: they are interesting because they give us the ability to imitate other people. Mimicry is important to understand how people feel. If I see someone who is sad, the same muscles that are activated in your face to show that sadness, are to be activated in mine, and, to a lesser extent, make me feel sad.When you see the picture of a sad person, reading their emotions, the muscles of your face will imitate that person. You feel connected. The same happens in the movies.

Let ‘s sad to see this photo. Photo via Flickr.

At one point you wrote “images that reflect our connectedness in a world that can be so inhuman as ours.” What did you mean?
My point was that photography is important to emotionally connect with each other. The reason why war photography is important is because it implies that there are atrocities that are happening, where people are dying. We have to see these pictures to try to feel how it feels and thus not to repeat certain actions. It is good not hurt between us, so we are very good at it. My point is that photography can make us empathize with other people and that is important to help us connect with others mechanism. The world is very inhumane, there is much injustice, many wars. Photography helps us somehow to be better.



How we mentioned in the post dedicated to the inspiration for photography from other disciplines, the cinema, as seventh art that is, has always been a resource important when looking for references that help us to complete our photographic practice.

Directors of photography, large forgotten, make it possible to the frames of a movie arriving to us from an narrative and visual, staging through levels that allow that we can enter in the argument and the acting.

For this reason we want to share a series of films, some of them always recurring in lists of this type, other less present but also with loads of inspiration. All of these films below are available in HD and free to watch movies online, please visit us on projectfreetv.






One of the tapes with more presence on the lists of movies with best picture, we mostly traps because wraps the history within a landscape that makes us crazy as lovers of American culture. Frames that take us into the work of photographers like Eggleston by its chromatic variety and that part road movie, which makes us dream with scenarios that are presented to us, and whose start is one of the most fascinating of the history of the cinema. The arid, the character far which draws near, references that have been transferred to wedding photography. Not forget other Win Wenders titles as his wonderful “The sky over Berlin”, the narrative exercise that makes from black and white to color, and because it also has some memorable shots.

Deadpool (2016)

Watch dead pool for free on Movietube.





We talk of Barry Lyndon in the career of the great Kubrick because undoubtedly affects us as wedding photographers in ways that directly have to do with the lighting. A movie which was recorded with natural light and even in some moments with the single light source that gives a candle. Apart pictorial aesthetics and style leads directly to the revival that photography is experiencing at the moment. Surely there is more thugs titles within the Filmography of the director as “Full metal jacket”, whose way to bring us the order to chaos is beautifully worked thanks to the photographic staging, or other films such as “2001: a space Odyssey”, who have so influenced in recent movies such as “Gravity”, but that little more can add a flawless masterpiece.





This film by Pilar Miró leads us to speak of many aspects, on the one hand to link it with this idea of aesthetics that we set at a certain time, the Spanish golden age, to dive again in the retro, and to look at language as a “couple” between Emma Suárez and Carmelo Gómez, but at the same time helps us to know the sensational one of our best directors of photography work , Javier Aguirresarobe, insurance will remember that “Mar” plane in with Javier Bardem flying through the forest, or the claustrophobic drawings of “The other”. For this film he used a series of scale models as well as other solutions to help you on the picture. An exceptional work, an equally exceptional director.





Julio Medem could not miss as the creator of Spanish tapes with a very captivating aesthetic. In this sense, we could speak of Pedro Almodóvar, who takes care of those details up to the end and that linking with Aguirresarobe, in “Hable con ella” made a spectacular exercise. But returning to Lucia, is interesting for the work carried out in part focused on the island of Formentera, giving prominence to light, very white and overexposed, which inspires us by that director capacity to innovate in and out of the established Canon. Who does not risk, does not win. And if not they tell is with the complex history of “The lovers of the Arctic Circle”.





Return to America, this time with another great visual and narrative level given by the film industry, no more and no less than Orson Welles. Their flat initial sequence is simply outstanding and inspirational, especially for the wedding videographers, that Yes, you need a large crane. But we can not fail to mention key works as “Citizen Kane” with a visual language that takes us from the documentary to the German expressionism of tapes as “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” through angular settings and lights and shadows, through reinforcement drawings in the style of “The Battleship Potemkin” among other works of genius.





It is impossible to make a list of this type and forget Steven Spielberg and Janusz Kaminski as a director of photography for this film. About Spielberg little one can say more that has been fundamental to conceive the film as entertainment, something with origin we have an indisputable, leader above all as the creator of iconic frames (“Psycho”, “Birds”, “with death in heels”) and as a genius when it comes to transmitting thriller and have been made with a marketing that may well help us to transmit our cosmetic customers. “Schindler’s list” about his wonderful black and white, the best that has given the history of the cinema, with a memorable scene in which there is a desaturated very symbolic selective, although in this film is a perfect nod within the plot, I hope, we all know that Yes, you do not apply it in your photos.





“Person” by Ingmar Bergman is another indispensable film, especially by one scene in particular, which allows us to create images in our minds which are only being narrated by the protagonist. There is such intensity in that fragment, together with other very attractive sequences of visual innovation, viewing is indisputable. But also occurs with other Swedish titles such as “Wild strawberries”, much inspiration for photography of weddings in some moments, or “The seventh seal”, not to mention “Fanny and Alexander” thanks to the work of Sven Nykvist as director of photography. A director raruno, this Bergman, who in his surrealism us directly linked to Luis Buñuel, creator of so attractive as “Viridiana” movies, for me one of the indispensable titles along with “Vértigo” of origin and “The executioner” of Berlanga.





Although many included in its “Grand Hotel Budapest” list by the complexity at the time of filming, for me there is a gem of this author that is “Moonrise Kingdom”. Especially for that kindness that clear visually, perhaps paradoxical if we consider its excessive control of the millimeter of the compositions, but where gives us planes of a technique that is fantastic as those tracking shots of the beginning or the inclusion as perfect of the subjects in the landscape, something that fascinates us, together with such care color wedding photography a must within our selected filmography is already.





Lars von Trier is not that it is known for its photography especially, remember that style dogma was based on an absolute negligence in terms of perfection in compositional plans, happens a bit as Terrence Malick, I hope that I do not kill in the comparison, but reminds me that use of pulse little firm, which however in Malick turns pictures beautiful in “Tree of life”.“Europe” say that it is a fascinating work in the Filmography of Danish, which is furthermore interesting when it gives you innovate creating films as unclassifiable as “Dogville”, having that ability to surprise the most enthusiastic, and that has left us very suggestive frame as “Melancholy” thanks to the photograph of Manuel Alberto clear, getting a pre-Raphaelite and literary taste with the iconic image of “Ophelia” dressed very interesting wedding.





Not to mention the recent cult title would be a sin, as it is not named “The godfather” Although it has in its references to the sculpture with that final piety on the stairs in “The Godfather III”. I am very fan of this trilogy, primarily from the first moments in which Marlon Brando illuminates the whole scene with his actor truth, equal to I am very fan of “Drive” as soon as it has one of the most evocative soundtracks of recent times, accompanying as ring finger planes that make up excellent film invoice photo thanks to Newton Thomas Sigel. It has that flavor of lights and colours in tones reminiscent of the night scenes of “Paris, Texas” and “My Blueberry Nights” by Wong Kar Wai, and at the same time gives us worthy of study compositional settings to apply to our photography.



Up to here a list of ten movies that include many more, about everything that made me stay Stumpy looking photography, and even times I have strayed from the story, although most have helped me to complete it. That correspond to a short trip from the earliest times up to the most current films still having overlooked wonders of silent cinema and oriental cinema, but I think can help inspire us and make our work better every day.

10 designs modern kitchen islands, ideas with photos

To generate design ideas we have prepared a list of islands and modern bars for kitchens that are necessary when we want to design or remodel this important area of the house, we have segregated designs so you can get a better idea of what you really want, for example you can choose islands oval or circular or perhaps a minimalist design with straight and simple lines, this complement so as to design a kitchen .

Designs islands and bars modern kitchen choose your style:

Before doing remodeling your kitchen, keep in mind the current requirements of design for this space and with the islands an element increasingly used by designers and architects to improve the layout of the kitchen, we have developed the following list is intended to inspire.

You will find photos of islands and square, round bars, oval, double-deck, glass, granite, marble, quartz, among others, have published pictures of simple design as well as those with an elaborate style, choose one to inspire according to your taste and budget, then top rated kitchen faucets represent to you 10 best modern designs for kitchen:

Modern kitchen and island orange
Kitchen bar lemonsmall kitchen design minmalistaDesign of large kitchen islandsModern kitchen design more barDesign wooden kitchen furnitureDsieño island kitchen with bookcaseslarge kitchen island in black with crystalsKitchenette with bar in whiteMetal bar kitchen


10 ideas for original photos taken during pregnancy

If you did not yet time to take pictures of your beautiful pregnant belly. For this we must keep in mind some tips that will help you achieve the essencia photograph of what your baby on the way means to you:







1. Take your time

Plan the shoot in time, there is no question of doing it on the run but attention to detail for beautiful photos.


2. Select the place

Photography different places where you think you can compose a beautiful photographic scene, then review the photos and see if there are details that should be featured oculatados or photo to be more beautiful.


3. Choose the time of day

Remember you have to have good light. Natural light is best, and always check that the sun is behind who takes the shot.Sunset is the best time, taking photos very nice ocher hues.


4. Think about who will be participating photo

Decide if you are going to participate alone, with your partner, children or other family member.


5. Choose your wardrobe carefully

Choose loose and play with colors that make the environment in cualte going to take photo clothing. You must also choose the clothes of all those involved in the photo shoot.


6. Plan poses

To achieve an original souvenir you should think some poses for photos. If you want some ideas enter the gallery by obstetrician nyc.


7. Choose the photographer

Does not take a professional photographer, but a good photo machine. Remember to take multiple shots to later choose the best.

Crane Operator for Shanghai’s Tallest Building Takes Amazing Photos of City Below

Crane Operator for Shanghai’s Tallest Building Takes Amazing Photos of City Below

crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (1)

Photographer Wei Genshen


Amateur photographer Wei Genshen has taken advantage of his day job as a crane operator at Performance Training Solutions Heavy Equipment Training Center to take breathtaking photos of the city from high above the sprawling metropolis. Currently under construction is the Shanghai Tower in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. Upon its projected completion in 2014, the building will stand approximately 632 metres (2,073 ft) high and will have 121 stories, making it the second-tallest building in the world and the tallest structure of any kind in China.

Led by Chinese architect Jun Xia, Shanghai Tower was designed by American architectural firm Gensler, and takes the form of nine cylindrical buildings stacked atop each other. Shanghai, with a total population near 24 million, is the largest city in China and home to more than 20,000 buildings over 11 storeys.

According to the Daily Mail, the amazing series below recently earned Wei second prize in the Shanghai City Photography Competition.




crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (5)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX



crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (8)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX



crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (12)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX



crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (14)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX



crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (3)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX



crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (11)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX



crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (7)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX



crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (9)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX



crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (11)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX



crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (10)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX



crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (13)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX



crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (6)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX



crane operator wei genshen photos of shanghai from above (2)

Photograph by Wei Gensheng/HAP/Quirky China News/REX

The doctor who became a photographer on the streets of New York

• Norman Seeff he born in South Africa and immigrated to New York in 1969, where he began portraying the most heterodox people in its path.
• He soon began his career as a photographer of artists and celebrities. Patti Smith, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, Mick Jagger, the Ramones, Ray Charles …
• An exhibition includes photos of Seeff, who comes to your mind predator models without understanding that there is someone behind the lens as vulnerable as he.

He graduated with honors in medicine in South Africa in 1965 and then spent three years in the emergency room of a hospital in Soweto and was also a member of Mansfield Foot Doctor Association, Ohio. Norman Seeff (Johannesburg – South Africa, 1939) and then felt an artistic vocation, but had no idea that his future was in New York behind the lens of a camera. Family tradition weighed, his father was a renowned physician, and social environment not taken seriously who he intended to pursue the arts professionally.

“I grew up in South Africa during apartheid. The system was violent and oppressive, most of my friends had to flee the country or were arrested,” he recalls photographer in a recent interview. Pushed by circumstances, he emigrated in 1969 to New York and newcomer began to portray the most unorthodox people with whom he was on the streets of Manhattan.

The Look of Sound (The appearance of sound) -from September 28 until January 25 at the Zephyr of Mannheim (Germany) space, one of the few German public centers dedicated exclusively to photography has 160 contemporánea- photographs veteran artist, who with the philosophy of mind and predatory approach without understanding that after the goal there is another being as vulnerable as he has photographed the likes of Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, Mick Jagger, Frank Zappa, Deborah Harry, the Ramones, Patti Smith, Joni Mitchell, Ike and Tina Turner, the Jackson Five, Kiss, Marc Bolan …
“I Do not try to take a picture, basically I continue with a”
Since he arrived in New York is crossed by chance with Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe when they were a couple and gave several usual stars of the Factory of Andy Warhol, he knew his way of approaching portrayed should not be that of a photographer all it is trying to establish a relationship, seek common language that would allow the two parties to be comfortable and not have to force the moment. Then came the charge that would change his life: he did photography for The Band in Woodstock and was published as a poster in the third studio album of the group, Stage Fright (1970).

A test of the relaxed atmosphere of their meetings is making videos ellasDos years after making that picture became creative director of United Artists Records and then took the plunge and became independent to found his own studio. The natural speed with which the race unfolded Seeff the ease with which to connect with whom he corresponds poses for.

“When you look at my contact sheets, all photos are different, because they do not try to take a picture, basically continue with a relationship,” he says. A test of the relaxed atmosphere of their meetings is in the videos that always has made many of them, some of them gathered on its website, with Ray Charles, Al Green, Alicia Keys …- as a file. The exhibition displays some of these crucial audiovisual documents in the creative process of the author.


Cinema and photography go hand in hand. In film-making, the art of cinematography is conjugated with photography. If a photographer really wants to improve his craft, you should see how the filmmakers and cinematographers capture moving images. These films below have illustrated clearly the way how a film maker could make a great pictures, you are able to watch movies online with no cash, we promise you will have greater experience than you were expecting, everything you need is only one click on project-free-tv.to.

1 One Hour Photo (2002)


A dark thriller with an inspired Robin Williams playing to be a Walmart employee.


2 High Art (1998)


An independent film full of melancholy and beautifully filmed. The heroine of the film, Radha Mitchell is a young woman who works in a small magazine and ends in love with a lesbian photographer addicted to drugs, Ally Sheedy. The two operate together to advance in their careers.


3. the window indiscreet (1954)


The main character, James Stewart, starring alongside Grace Kelly this classic Hitchcock thriller about a photographer in a wheelchair who spies on his neighbors through the lens of his camera. In one of their episodes voyeurists is convinced that you see one of them commits a murder.


4. Closer (2004)


Julia Roberts plays a photographer of portraits that become entangled in a love triangle with the characters played by Jude Law and Clive Owen. Although the film only shows a little photography side, the movie itself gives an accurate description of the process of photography.


5 Pecker (1998)


A great movie with a feeling indie which is exacerbated by the artistic genius of John Waters behind the camera.Edward Furlong offers a great performance as an employee of sandwiches in a small village shop, becoming the photographic feeling thanks to a great art dealer that takes you through the world.


6 blow-up (1966)


Cult movie of the 1960s that Thomas follows a fashion photographer played by David Hemmings, which discovers that accidentally captured a murder when he reveals the images in the darkroom.


7 Proof (1991)


A lesser-known film of the race pre-Gladiador of Russell Crowe, whose character describes a blind photographer (Hugo Weaving in his role as pre-Matrix) the photos he had taken. It sounds like a cliche, but the film was beautifully filmed and acted.


8 Under Fire (1983)


Three journalists in a love triangle are involved in political intrigue during the last days of the regime of Somoza in Nicaragua until it hits a popular revolution in 1979. Under Fire is a film characterization which shows the war photojournalist played by Nick Nolte.


9. city of God (2002)


This chilling portrait of life in the favelas and Brazil streets shows the life of two boys, one of them growing up to become a photographer.


10 gentleman’s Relish (2001)


Comedy set at the beginning of the 20th century in London, about the frustrated artist Swann, played by Billy Connolly, which accepts a gift that will change his life: a camera. Thus starts a new career in photography, expressing their artistic ability in the more rampant portraits of naked in a classical setting and therefore undergoes in the spotlight of scornful notoriety!


11. the eternal moments of Maria Larssons (2008)


A Swedish film about a woman who has won a camera in a raffle in times of war. The main character, played by Maria Heiskanen, developed a fascination for photography. However, his love of photography and the decision to keep the camera ultimately changes his life.


12. Portrait of an obsession (2006)


Nicole Kidman leads this biographical film about the legendarioa American photographer Diane Arbus. The film shows how a lonely and shy housewife in New York sets a journey in the world of photography with fleeting images of people who are outside the confines of society.


13. the secret life of Walter Mitty (2013)


Ben Stiller plays Walter Mitty, a manager of negative assets in Life magazine, which ends in an adventure when you start to look for Sean O’Connell, played by Sean Penn. After negative # 25, O’Connell described as the “quintessence of life”, destined to be cover of the latest issue of Life magazine.


14. the flowers of Harrison (2000)


Starring Andie MacDowell as the wife of a photojournalist declared lost in the Yugoslav civil war of 1991.It joins other two photographers, played by Brendan Gleeson and Adrien Brody, to help find her missing husband.